Rent is Due!!!!

I went to the movies last night...and guess what preview I saw. RENT!!!! YEA!!!!! This is one of my favorite musicals. Now I am a happy camper because they made Chicago and Rent! I was worried about Chicago, and eventhough I think the live show is better, I was very impressed with the final project. I was also impressed with Evita, so I have no reason to doubt that I will not like Rent. Besides, the cool think about this movie is that they are using a lot of the actors from the original cast! That is pretty cool.

And guess who the Director is.... Chris Columbus...(in case you don't know he directed the first two harry potter movies which were much better and more true to the books than the third!) Ah the circle of life. It's like the Kevin Bacon game or something. Anyway the site is pretty awesome. the movie comes on on November 11th, (Goblet of Fire comes out that month too!!! scroll down for the trailer).

Ok, I think that was everything. I really have to get back to writing. I have a deadline next week and I have two of the greatest friends in the whole wide world coming to see me this afternoon! I can't wait but I know I won't want to do anything once they get here. I am hoping we can see fantastic four, and not war of the worlds which I saw and pretty much hated. I did see Sin City last night. Interesting. I'm not sure what I make of it. I think I'll do my own review in my next entry. Oh I have two more things to write about. Oh well. There just isn't enough time in the day.

Holla Back