2 days, 5 hours and 36 minutes....wait 35 minutes

There was a great article in the Wilmington News-Journal on the Harry Potter event this weekend. Click here to check it out… http://online.wnewsj.com/index1.php The article is on page 17 and 18. I enjoyed reading it (as if I am not already excited enough). I don’t know how I am going to get through the next two days!!! The suspense is killing me. The HP group has all sorts of predictions for the new book and it is fun trying to guess what is going to happen, but it only makes it harder to wait. It’s like trying to guess who is going to win awards at the Oscars, once you have an investment in who wins you are much more anxious about the big day.

So I decided that I am going to make a scrap book on the whole event. I have a few clippings already about the event and I am planning on taking a ton of pictures. I might even include some of the scraps of fabric from my costume. Speaking of costumes, mine is almost complete. Somehow, by the grace of God to sew on the racing stripes and the numbers. Well the numbers are large iron-ons made out of that thin white plastic material that they use for sports jerseys. I have a t-shirt to where under the robe, with another number and gold trim. Not quite what the movie uses, but it’s recognizable I think. The only thing left is to figure out if I am going to wear the knee pads and shin guards. I kind of want to, but that is more money that I don’t have and I’m worried I might get to hot.

I suppose the good thing is that when all this is over I will be able to get back to my writing. I wasn’t expecting this little hiatus! And speaking of writing, Charlie’s book came out last month and I am not sure if I mentioned it or not. I have read some of it and it is really good. But Charlie is a pretty awesome writer. If you’re curious, check out his site at http://home.earthlink.net/~ccfinlay/ . There is info on the book that just came out and his next book too. I’ve really learned a lot from his workshops at Context, and the few writeshop meetings he’s attended. But I understand how hard it can be to make all the meetings. I’m not even getting published and this summer I have been struggling to get my schedule to work around writeshop. Once again I will not be able to attend because of the Wilmington thing this weekend and I will be too busy reading harry potter to review anything else. But I am trying to start an online group with a couple of writer’s I’ve met at different conventions who write similar to my tone and style etc. Lots of my stuff has witches, and vampires and magic and it’s not the traditional fantasy but more of a dark fantasy, or a cross between dark fantasy, contemporary fantasy and horror. I just think if I was working with a group that was reviewing and submitting more than once a month it would keep me working on the novel instead of running from it. Deadlines, whether artificial or not, really get me going. Unfortunately I sometimes tend to be a procrastinator. So if I don’t have a deadline it just sort of flounders.

So that is the plan Stan. Costume, Wilmington, Harry, Writing, Critiquing, Done. (sounds like one of those Nextel commercials)