Back to reality....

So I survived my Harry Potter weekend. It really was a blast. I finished the book yesterday, and that was while trying to pace myself! But I was torn by my desire to take my time and my fear of running into pricks like such, on the Live Journal Communities that were releasing spoilers on the internet the day before the book came out. Apparently one of them scanned in a copy of a page from the book and were posting it all over the live journal communities. And this is what they had to say about it....

1. But I thought it might have been a fake, so who cares.
2. It was coming out in less than 24 hours and there were going to be spoilers everywhere else anyway so what is the big f'n deal?
3. Harry Potter Sucks A**. Yeah for bringing down man.
4. If you're actually upset over this you have no life. It was a joke man. And I got the last laugh because I outsmarted the publishing company and ruined their precious book/surprise.

Ok dumba**. See I heard about the sites very early on Friday, and pretty much avoided touching my computer from Friday to Sunday because I wasn't taking a chance, but I went back to see if the spoiler was true, what it looked like and I really could not believe it. Apparently now, not only is their a photocopy of the actual page, but someone actually took the time to retype the entire manuscript online in like word or some crap like that. Which as a writer makes me really, really mad. Not only is it completely illegal, but god, there are so many pricks out there... I really hate when people walk aruond thinking they are better than everyone else, above them. I find that a lot of people who look down at "the masses" for liking pop culture/trends are usually full of shit. They are more fake than anyone I know. I try really hard to respect a difference of opinion. And you know what, I don't ask everyone in the world to agree with me, but respect would be nice. Respect my wishes to live my life how I want to and I will gladly do the same. I just can't stand the fact that their are people out there who get pleasure in stupid stuff like this. It's like the kids who get the prom cancelled because they set a fire in the girls bathroom, but they thought the rpom was for losers anyway so they don't care that they ruined it for everyone else. It's just flat out selfish and rude. And a really important lesson that the rest of us seemed to learn in grade school.

I suppose the simple act of the spoiler wasn't what angered me the most. Sure, 24 hours after the release half the people were going to know anyway. What really angered me was reading their comments afterwards, about why they did it. Or their responses to other LJ readers who were upset by the original post. I didn't post anything because I don't have an LJ account and I realize that it is just a waste of time to get into a cyber argument with a bunch of guys who can't mentally comprehend what they did wrong. It's like trying to explain to a 2 year old why he should vote for a certain president. They just aren't going to get it. NO sense in wasting your breath in that battle.

But several smarter people like me thought, well that is just stupid, why waste my time talking to you when I can click over to scholastic and raincoast and some of the other publishers and simply report it. So then this guy gets these letters from legal people at the publishing houses and he's like, oh they aren't real. They can't do anything. and come on man, it was a fake page. Well umm...what you did was illegal in several yes, idiot. They can do something.

I hope they get sued. I know they probably won't care. it won't make a difference to them. They will still just think it's cool because they got the loser publishing companies to waste money and time on their pathetic lives. But god, people like that make me so mad. Why don't you go and do something productive with your life instead of sponging off of society, and taking up space. There are bigger problems in the world, and these pricks actually have it pretty made and still they walk around thinking they are better than everyone else and just causing trouble to cause trouble. AHHH. Grow up. And this is why people like Harry Potter and the temporary escape it provides.