Attack of the 80s Werewolf

MTV is remaking the 80s classic Teen Wolf. You know, the movie with Michael J. Fox, the poofy fro and the fashion nightmare of a letterman's jacket.  Not sure why they chose THIS movie. Perhaps they are the only studio in the world that couldn't secure the movie options for one of the millions of already popular Paranormal YA books out there. Everyone else seems to have a half a dozen.

The show premiered this past sunday after the MTV Movie Awards at 11 PM. Needless to say I was not present but my handy dandy DVR was. Or should I say the VCR 2.0 since we're reliving the 80s?

First Impressions
Overall, I found the show interesting. A little heavy on the testosterone, but hey, something's got to make it stand out from the other competing paranormals on the line up.  It's not as glampy (glamorous vampires) as vampire diaries, rather the main character and his best friend come off as a younger less cool version of the Supernatural duo Sam and Dean. I suppose many of the younger girls might find them appealing. I am not quite sold.

There is, however good news and bad news. The bad? The first episode was a little slow and nothing much happened aside from a kid wondering around trying to figure out what is happening to him. We already know he's a werewolf the show is called Teen Wolf. Get on with it. The good? It's only the first episode and pilots have a habit of spending way too much time focusing on setting the framework for the story. If you survive a pilot and come back for more, that is typically a good sign.

Cherry on Top?
Derrick Hale. Our mystery werewolf, the super cutie bad boy who in my opinion stole the show. His real name is Tyler Hoechlin and you may remember him as the honorary sibling on 7th heaven. Martin that drove, Mary, Lucy and Ruthie completely boy crazy. Now he's driving an entire town mad and Lycanthropy may be the least of his issues.

All in all, I'm interested to see how this show develops. For those of you who missed it, here's a sneak peak.