Urband Fantasy is completely UNDEAD!!!

Thanks to Michelle Rasey for passing along this great article on Urban Fantasy. I've been asking myself this very questions for the last few months every time I see a new urban fantasy book hit the shelves. I am always worried that by the time my book gets sold and published the market will have moved on. And sure I can write other things, but I love Urban Fantasy the most. Then again, I am reminded that I loved Urban fantasy years ago too. It seems like it is one of those things that never really dies. Just becomes a huge fad then fades into the background again. Regardless, it seems like folks are embracing the UF world and maybe the sudden popularity is a good thing for me as a writer. It could mean that if I write a good story that isn't just some rehashing of something someone else already did that I could have an easier time of selling and readers will readily embrace it. Or it could mean that folks are so overwhelmed by the volume of new UF being thrown at them that they discount my stuff without giving it a chance because they assume that I'm jumping on some bandwagon, trying to make a quick buck.

Oh well. Here's the article.