What I’m Reading: Rachel Vincent, Pride

Attention Team Jacob members: I know you’re out there with your squishy feel good hearts, always rooting for the underdog and jealous of that the pouty vampire who keeps stealing all the attention, not to mention the girls. Have no fear, there are plenty of Paranormal Romances and Urban Fantasies on the market that cater exclusively to four-legged shifters.

One such must-have collection is Rachel Vincent’s werecat series. Faythe, the female protagonist, is witty and stubborn and speaks without thinking, which often gets her into trouble and seems to be a hallmark of any heroine in an urban fantasy. After all, if the characters played it safe all the time nothing interesting would happen.

I just finished reading the third book in the series and though it was not my favorite, it was a fast-read and definitely exposed us to whole new political (and very much darker) side of the werecat society.

I would like to note to folks, that this is not one of those series where you can pick up any book and understand everything that is going on. In fact the majority of the third book is as a result of the “alleged” crimes committed in the second. Besides, the first book is probably my favorite. Why not start there?

Like the other books, it was a pretty substantial length, but there were parts, especially in the beginning, where the pacing was very slow and bogged down because of the trial. I missed not having all the siblings on the page at the same time. Not as many flirty scenes, nor do we have the same sort of sexual tension that exists in the first two books. But overall still fun.

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