Urban Fantasy Excerpts Are Here!!!

Today is your lucky day! I don't do this often, but given the plethora of good books published in the last three months, I felt it was worthwhile. I love excerpts even though they undoubtedly are nothing but a tease. They get you all excited and then--WHAM! Some lame statement about purchasing the book the summer of God only knows what year. And sure, I could not read them...but what's the fun in that? Life is all about highs and lows, not playing it safe. I'll enjoy my ten minutes of bliss if it means I have to ponder what that first scene meant for another six months. I'm okay with that and I am hoping that you are too! Because this post is all about the free stuff.

1. Charlaine Harris: Dead and Gone
This is the first chapter from the next book in the Southern Vampires series. If you've read any of my other posts, you will know I am a huge fan of Charlaine in general as well as the TV adaptation True Blood. One is incredibly funny and sexy at the same time, the other, still sexy, but a little edgier. I am super psyched that she is going to be at DragonCon this year. I plan on attending and hope to catch at least one glimpse of her, maybe a photo or two!

Dead and Gone Excerpt

Book Release: May 5th
True Blood Season 1 DVD Release: May 19th
True Blood Season 2 on HBO: June 14th

2. Rachel Vincent: My Soul to Take
We all know Rachel does a sexy awesome werecat series, but did you know she's about to release her first novel in a YA series under a new Harlequin Teen imprint? According to the Harlequin press release, "The story features a courageous and determined teen banshee heroine who must stop her classmates from dying before their time." Sounds fun to me. Check out the excerpt and the flashy reader that comes along with it.

My Soul To Take Excerpt:

3. P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast: Hunted
Yes, I know. This book is already out. But you do realize that their are avid urban fantasy and paranormal romance readers who have a full blown fear of stalking over to the YA section and scrounging around for a good read? I actually really like this series and recommend it as a fun and fast read (think lazy days in the sunshine with not a care in the world!) Hunted is the fifth book in the series, and I'm hoping this excerpt will convince some of you to venture into the world of YA! As long as you look like you know what you're doing creepy salespeople won't stare.

Hunted Excerpt

Okay Folks, that's all for now. I'm working on getting you more sneak peeks and other goodies. Stay posted.

So you tell me, what book are you dying to get your hands on? Share with is in the comments below!