Happy New Year!!!

Happy, happy 2008 folks! Are you as psyched as I am about the new year? Today is kind of a special day for me, an anniversary of sorts because I made it through the year. I feel a renewed sense of hope for the future. A fresh start-clean slate. I wonder how long that will last?

Last night I went out. I was reminded why I can't stand drunk people. It really just isn't my thing. I like to have a few drinks, but I don't like to get wasted. And how much fun can you have if you don't remember it in the morning?

A fight broke out at the bar I went to because this total dick stood right in front of this guy in a wheel chair and refused to move. Okay, that's just being decent right there. But no. One guy trows ice at the other one and a fight breaks out. Bottles are flying. This jerk is kicking the guy in the wheelchair. His chair is broken, his shoes come off it was horrible to watch. I tried to see if he was okay, but he was very embarrassed and because I was standing right beside him I helped his friend collect pieces of his chair and wheel him outside the back door. The giant ass that was fighting him left quickly after that. But come on.

This was around 11. Still too early for shit like that.

Then, a bunch of drunk girls decided to get on stage and dance with the band. They were incredibly annoying. This one girl in particular kept grabbing the band members and rubbing her hands all over their head. I couldn't believe that that wasn't distracting, but they kept playing and never made her leave. She had to get up on stage for at least five songs. Like, every time she must have thought, I love this song. I am going to climb on stage now and flit around like a moron. By 1 she was flashing us. I was surprised that she wasn't wearing a bra, but she was so small I question whether she even needed one at all. I mean, if you are going to flash them at least have something for us to look at! Don't embarrass yourself.

We closed the place down last night. Yea for me. My ears are still ringing and somehow I hurt my ankle. I think I am going to have to wrap it up with ice. this is going to hurt my workout schedule.

Oh, did you want to know about books...maybe in another post.