Cassie Edwards a Ferret Stealing Thief?

Please, please, please take a look at the following two articles. The first is a NY times article on the latest plagiarism scandal. The second is a first-hand account from one of the victims.

I think the whole thing is absolutely stupid. I'm not saying plagiarism doesn't exist, or that it is not unethical. I just think stupid and now we are wasting good time and money thinking about it, talking about it, writing about it and investigating it.

I mean, really? I can't believe people have the time to Google sections of dialogue from a novel. Even more annoying, I feel like plagiarism is the new hot thing. Everyone is quick to cry wolf. Call me when something more important than ferrets is at stake. Really, Paul, you're admitting you wrote this crap? thought it was so good you had to reuse it? And Nora! Heaven forbid this country worry about a recession, health care and basic human needs when we have a case of intellectual ferret theft on the loose. Come on people get real. This said from an actual writer. PS-I'd also like you to know that I am going to Google everything in this post to make certain I did not have the audacity to commit plagiarism while restating common fact and/or opinion.