Book Update: New novels for a new year

Okay, so it's a new year and at the beginning of the new year I like to create a completely unrealistic schedule for my writing which I will abandon somewhere around February. If you don't know me personally, I should explain to you why I continue to do this, even when I know I won't complete everything.

First, I am a Virgo and I like control. I love schedules. I love planning things out. It provides a sense of comfort. I am not, however, anal retentive. Thus when I veer from my schedule it is okay. The whole purpose of the plan is to help me get back on track after I get bored with my shiny new toy. It keeps me focused.

Second, at the end of the year, no matter how far away from my plan I veered, I always have something to celebrate and cross off my list. There is nothing better than looking back and realizing how far you have come. I tend to overlook those kinds of things if it isn't written out in front of me because I get so caught up in the day to day, and what I don't have that I forget to stop and look at all the things I do have going for me.

So what is my unrealistic 2008 writing plan?

I haven't gotten everything broken down yet, but I can give you a super huge clue.

The love of my life novel has in a sense been knocked up. Out of no where it is one very large story in four books. What do you call that? A Trilogy plus one? A quadrilogy? As of last week I only had two books. It was like expecting to give birth to one more child and finding out you're having triplets.

I am a writer though, so it is inevitable that I will have to write more than two novels. I guess having titles and plot lines for all of the books with a definite end for the series....that scares me a little bit. It has become this grand, epic tale that I never envisioned from the beginning. I don't know how to explain it, but it just feels right. Now, I can't imagine the series ending any other way. I also think it might make it easier to sell, being able to know what comes next. Having a clear vision for all of the books. I guess we will see. I am going to have to kick things up a notch if I am going to have any of these books published before 2010! I'd like to have two or three completed and sell them as a three book contract. I like the idea of being able to release two or three in the same year--to be able to build off of the momentum and grow a reader base. Who knows...maybe I can make it a bestseller! I'll keep praying for that one. :)