Making Progress

Today another story went out, this one for an anthology. I am pretty excited about it and hope that it works out, not just because it would be another sale, but because this specific story doesn’t really fit into a lot of markets. It has a literary quality that seems to be brushed aside in the world of genre. Imagine that. In literary markets the genre characteristics would be the roadblock to publication. So what’s the answer? Stop writing stuff that doesn’t have a market, stop trying to blend the line between literary and genre fiction? I don’t think so. I’ve never been one to write just for money. To me, whenever you do something just for the money it’s selling out. Now, on the other hand if you do what you love, follow your heart, and make money, that’s success.

So I’ve written a couple of literary short stories. Shoot me. I like them. And have no worries, I have a couple of very humorous pieces in the works.

For those of you counting that is two stories pending, both with notification around March/April. Keep your fingers crossed. Maybe your toes too.