James Blunt, Anna Nalick and Dan Radcliffe's Brand New Key

James Blunt, Anna Nalick and Dan Radcliffe’s Brand New Key

The day is winding down and for the four hundredth time I find myself listening to the Back to Bedlam CD on my iPod. Well not the whole CD. I was cheap and had to see if I would really like it before I bought it. Now of course my predicament is not that I don’t like it but I like it so much I almost don’t want to buy the CD at iTunes. I think I might actually go to the store and by it! Can you believe it? The last CD I bought was Green Day and I’ll admit, I didn’t really buy it my sister gave it to my as a gift. I reserve the act of purchasing the physical hardcopy CD for artists that completely blow me away and make me bow down in their greatness. Otherwise, I do iTunes, song by song, only what meets my exquisite standards.

This CD is so awesome though. It casual and laidback, but the guy has such a wonderful voice that I just melt. Original. Fresh. Go buy his stuff. I want him to make another album.

Speaking of talented new singers/songwriters…Anna Nalick…she’s been out for a while now, sings a song called Breathe (2AM) and I may have mentioned her before. Because I love the lyrics so much. Unlike James Blunt the rest of her CD didn’t impress me and I was disappointed. So I don’t know how long she’ll be around. But I bring it up because I was reading the blog of an agent who will remain nameless and she was listening to Anna Nalick’s song. She was so psyched by it, especially the lyrics. She said, “this song is for writers, find the lyrics and check it out.” Pretty cool to know that at least one person in the world has as good of taste as I do.

What else…oh yes Dan Radcliffe…for those of you who are living under a rock, he plays Harry Potter in the Warner Bros. Films. I was listening to a press junket on my iPod the other day (this was actually recorded around the release of the film so early November….late October, something like that) and they asked Dan what his favorite singer/band was…and he totally went on a tangent naming all these different bands that like two people have heard of. He has incredibly eclectic taste for a teenager. He’s what 16? Maybe 17? He says he doesn’t like the iPod so much because he is a music snob and he has to have the CD case and the booklet inside and likes the act of taking the CD out and putting it in the player and well you get the picture. So towards the end of his rambling speech he remembers a CD he picked up in San Francisco called Melonie’s Greatest Hits. Can anybody say…I’ve got a brand new pair of roller skates…(you’ve got a brand new key)…HELLO. It completely stuns me when people know this song. If you don’t go download it on itunes. Pay the 99 cents. You can afford it. I want Melonie to come back on the top ten list. (Oh and if you don’t believe that Dan has weird weird taste in music, he used to have a celebrity playlist on iTunes. His wasn’t as cool as Rupert’s.

Okay, so I have successfully talked about nothing. Can you believe that? Well let’s just call this music that inspires art.

Interesting fact of the day…J.K. Rowling was paid approximately 3000£ for the first novel of Harry potter (which averages out to just over $5,000) and after the novel was sold in England their was a Royalties Auction for foreign (ok U.S. ) rights in which an imprint of Scholastic paid $105,000 for the rights of the first book. This was without a single book published, bought or sold!!! Pretty risky for a first time author. I wonder how it created enough buzz to get about seven publishers at the auction and the price up that high?