Hey!! Guess what? I'm writing. Yep Writing again!!! Yeah, so it looks like my dry spell has come to an end. I pulled out the novel this weekend and read through about 100 pages of manuscript. Discovered most of it was not as bad as I thought. In fact if it was a book, I would have been pleased, and mad that it wasn't finished yet.

I also realized that while some of the 280 manuscript pages will be cut, some of the scenes I thought I would lose are going to be stuck back in, just in a different order. If feel like I finally have the skeleton of a novel and not six different subplots of a really lame tv movie. So I am at the library and about to finish mapping out the plot for the end of the book. Then I have four scenes to rewrite today. All I am doing is writing today. I don't care if the house goes up in flames. Which it might if you heard what happened to my computer on Friday.

Thanks to everyone who kept cheering me on even when I got crabby. Thanks to my writing group who pushed me when I didn't want to be pushed. My stories will be so much stronger because of you.

I'm out.