Grad School Here I Come!!!

OMG, how did I not post this on my blog?? Sorry my fun loving wanna be writer friends for the unnecessary delay.  The great news is true. I was accepted into the MFA Writing Popular Fiction program at Seton Hill University! Yay! I start this June with my first residency and have been working frantically to get everything in order for the trip to PA and going back to school for the first time in seven years (even if it is a low-residency program).  Between financial aid, registration, preparing for the writing critique groups and reading our official program wide book choice (Chosen by Jim Butcher), things have been very busy.

Of course now that I'm in the program I'm crazy nervous! How did I get into this program? What if my writing isn't really good enough? I sometimes feel like this is all just some crazy fluke and my dream of grad school and being a published writer is just that, a crazy dream. Then I remind myself that I was born to tell stories (good or not) and that I can't for the life of me imagine doing anything else with my time.

So yay for grad school. I hope you continue to hang in there with me as I continue this journey for the next three years! And if you have a dream (writing related or not) that you go out there and you find a way to pursue it.