Newest Addition!!!

Warning!!! Cute puppy alert. OK, well she's not really a puppy. She's almost two. Her name is Emmie and she is a Shar Pei lab mix. I adopted her almost two weeks ago from a rescue group and am so happy I found her. We are still going through an adjustment period, as she panics when left alone. For the most part it is okay because I work from home, but I mean she can't go everywhere with me.

She is a great girl, very calm and submissive. For the most part she listens to commands. She loves, loves, loves, the car. I was really surprised by this, but if I even open the garage she will go in and protest, refusing to leave without bribery. Once she stayed out there for about 20 minutes before I realized she wasn't going to come out willingly. That time she actually managed to sneak in the car and even though I left the doors open she was content to sleep on the back seat!

Because I live down the street from my parents and they have a fenced yards we take walks at least three times a week so she can play with Madison and Lucy. She thinks it's doggy daycare. But at this point, it's better than having her mess in the kennel. She gets so covered in her own poo that I have to bathe her everytime, and she does not like getting a bath.

So if we can work the crate issue out, we will be all set.