Twilgiht The Movie...

This might as well be the Stephenie Meyer Fan Site. I've got more to say about the Twilight books. Turns out they are making a movie...scheduled to go into production in February of 2008. They announced the actress who will be playing Bella Swan. She's perfect. Just what I imagined. She also looks familiar, although I can't put my finger on what she has been in. Her name is Kristen Stewart.

I also finished Eclipse last night. I thoroughly enjoyed it and have been trying to figure out why. Isn't that silly? I just fell in love with the books and got this giddy feeling that I haven't felt in years. It's that fresh, puppy love, sheer intoxication that you get from discovering a new author, a new set of characters to put into your collection of favorites. It's such an exciting feeling. One that fuels my desire to write and see my books published. I love the idea of giving someone else that much joy. I love the idea of my characters calling to them...nagging them to hurry back and explore the world with them.

Maybe I am crazy. My dad thinks so. He recommended that I join a recovery program for readers. So what if everyone doesn't take a book with them to the movie theater. I had a logical reason for doing so. And it's a good thing to, because we saw Enchanted. Yuck.

Anyway...a toast, to new books and new loves!