The Twilight Series

I am reading a new book called Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer. I should be editing my own but I am too far into the book and now I can't stop reading. I read for about six hours yesterday and loved it. It is the greatest feeling in the world when you get so drawn into the story that the world around you passes by in a blur. For a moment all your problems go away and you can experience a new world, a new life.

This is actually a young adult series. I stumbled upon it at BN when looking for the Harry Potter books on tape. The books are huge--400 pages and up. Hard cover too. I didn't buy them then, but I reserved some at the library and the most recent book came in. So I started in the middle of the series, but I am okay with that. That is usually how it happens. Then I go back and re-read the rest.

This series is supernatural, like most of the stuff I read. It has a little light romance (which is good--it's the romantic chemistry and tension between characters that makes a story good. Not sex. ah hem.

I'm not sure what the plot is yet and I am 200 pages in. I know that this girl is in love with a vampire. I know that her childhood friend is a werewolf. I know that there is some treaty between the wolves and the vamps that keeps them from playing nice together. Unlike many of the paranormal romances on the shelves, this is not simply a teen novel with a vampire or witch thrown in. I wonder why it is that publishers think we want that?? Kind of like it's just a career choice. Make the protagonist a doctor and everyone who likes medical thrillers will read this book. Um no. They won't. Like wise, make the character a witch or a psychic and paranormal lovers will want to read this...isn't a strong enough motivator.

Stephenie has created a fabulous world. Not Harry Potter fabulous, but she has interesting histories behind the existence of vampires and wares. She doesn't simply play by the traditional rules...long fangs, dark eyes, garlic and tombs... This is fresh...and that is--well, refreshing.

It's also kind of nostalgic to remember what it was like being a kid again. The characters may have big supernatural problems, that the world around them can't understand, but they don't have to deal with the things adults do. And they are not necessarily as complex as adults. They act on their instincts, and their emotions. They aren't stressed with work and careers and sex and babies, and bills and all the things adults (both real and fictional) seem to be stressed with. They don't get all grown up and simply suck it up and do the right thing. Adults will sacrifice their heart to be mature and grown up. Do the responsible thing. Or if they don't, they at least worry about it. Teens, not as much. I don't know. That's just my general observation.

Minus the lack of is definitely a better read than some of the adult paranormal fiction out there.