The Pimp Master

Yes, I said it. Here I am pimping books. But they are good books, more importantly, the writers are good people, newly published, and friends of mine that could use your support. So please, please, please check out some of the fun stuff on the shelves and online.

Matthew Cook, Blood Magic and an Anthology Touched by Wonder which has a story by Michelle R. Rasey. Congrats to both!

Both books are available online (click the cover for the link). Matt's book is also available in stores. I got mine at Borders!

Side Note: If you aren't already a member of Borders rewards program you can join at any store for free. They send you great coupons in your email AND you get additional coupons and perks when you make a purchase. The staff know me by name because I probably use my coupon to buy something once a week.