About Me

Since the magical age of seven, Melissa has been delighting audiences with her stories of love, loss, mystery, and intrigue (though she wouldn’t have described them that way at the time). Her passion for reading became a full fledged obsession when she discovered her first vampire novel at age 12. Now, her “Paranormal Romance” and “Urban Fantasy” collection spans over 250 novels, from the Gothic classics of Bram Stoker and Anne Rice, to the breakaway phenoms, Harry Potter and Twilight. As a result, she prides herself on being ahead of the “supernatural” curve.

Melissa currently resides in Columbus, Ohio where she works full-time as a fund-raiser for a national education non-profit. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Ohio University where she majored in Political Science. When she’s not reading or writing, she enjoys listening to live music, breaking a sweat on the dance floor and challenging her friends and family to a game on the Wii.