Life imitating art...or art imitating life

This has to be the funniest thing. I wish I could say I read this article and then came up with the idea for the story but oh well. Check out this blurb from the Washington post.

Gone, Forgotten
Mary Hurst wants to honor her mother’s wish to be buried aside her husband, Hurst’s father, who died nearly 40 years ago. Problem is, the Libertyville, Ill., cemetery where she says he was buried says it can’t find his grave. Hurst says her father was buried at St. Sava Cemetery on Nov. 10, 1966. But when she recently called the cemetery to have his remains moved to Texas, she was told the grave couldn’t be located, she said. The cemetery administrator said it’s possible the grave was moved in 1979, when some graves were relocated to another property nearby. (AP)