Harry Potter Alert: New Trailer

So I thought to myself, I need to check my favorite news source for Harry Potter goodies and see if there is anything new out and low and behold they released a new trailer online. Well sort of. It was put online by a french site, so there are subtitles (in french) at the bottom. The trailer isn't as cool as the teaser, BUT it does show lots of new stuff. It's all very, very, exciting.

So here is the link to HPANA which has the trailer available in the three media viewers.
But I can't guarentee how long the link will be working. Sometimes they get overloaded. (The sites HPANA refers to, not HPANA)

And if you are wondering what HPANA stands for go to the website. Ok I'll tell you. Harry Potter Automated News Aggregator. :)

I hope this works!