Government Conspiracies and Freedom of Speech

Hmm. I wasn't following this story too closely. But I do know that I everytime the government goes to a national or worldwide media source, like ABC News, or Newsweek, and a story is retracted, a big red flag goes off in my mind, telling me that whatever it was, was probably true. In this case, not even full month later, and the US Military is admitting that their were abuses to the Quran.

The action alone is intolerable. If the government of a primarily Muslim country desecrated the bible, or any of the other actions that are coming out in this you not think that there wouldn't be riots here? It's is sad, and once again, sickning that as a nation we are so egotistical, and self-righteous.

But what I really want to know is, who was pressuring Newsweek to retract the story? And how did the tables turn so that the military had to admit to the public that this story was indeed true. Would they do it just to tarnish their credibility? To make people skeptical of sources such as newsweek?

I don't know. But you would think that this would be one of the many wake up calls to our country...the people of our country.Wake up. Are you really that retarded? How many signs do you need before you realize that there is something majorly wrong with our "moral" leaders... How many innocent lives must be lost?