Something new...

So it has been almost two months since I have posted and in the past week three people have told me I should be writing in my blog. Ok. I can take a hint. So I am going to try something fun that my good friend at OU did in her live journal. 100 things you may or may not know about me: (lets see how far I can get in one sitting)

1. I should be revising my short story right now.
2. I write fantasy and I have never read Tolkien. (A plague upon my house)
3. I live in an apartment with lots of seniors and divorced middle aged men. (I feel right at home!)
4. I work at a zoo. Seriously.
5. I kind of have a crush on a co-worker.
6. No he's not a monkey.
7. Yes it's probably more than a crush.
8. My favorite start to the day involves a phone and a man who lives hundreds of miles away.
9. There are three careers I would love to do if I had the skill set- Photographer, Architect, and Interior Designer.
10. I am addicted to the SIMS. (The deciding factor in my not buying a Mac was my love for this game)
11. I'm such a nerd. A total dork. but I am 100% ok with that.
12. I'm saving my trip to Italy for the right person.
13. I sleep with a teddy bear.
14. Better than sleeping with the dog. She snores. And hogs the bed. Has to sleep in the middle. I would probably die anyway from inhaling too much dog hair.
15. I have an obsessive and highly addictive personality. When I find something I like I cling to it. I don't like to let go.
16. My obsession usually wears off.
17. I was once a film major.
18. I was accepted at both NYU and USC and never made it out of Ohio.
19. I did horrible on my ACTS. I still argue that they are biased.
20. I strongly believe the public school system needs a major overhaul. If I could afford it and could find a private school that didn't beat my kids to death with religion thenI would send them their in a heartbeat.
21. I don't have kids. (in case that last one confused you).
22. Sometimes when I'm down...Or bored...I pick out my wedding dress. (online of course)
23. Vera Wang is a Goddess.
24. I would seriously consider eloping..
25. And I would regret not getting gifts.
26. I am seriously attracted to men of power. Complete turn on. Not violent power...But "I'm the man kind" of power.
27. Respect, intellect, humor and compassion also rank high on the list.
28. I don't believe that there is only one soul mate for each person.
29. I do believe that your soul can recognize another soul instantaneously. Love at first sight...But we are too stupid to catch on that quick.
30. I want to have four kids. I don't think I will get them all and there are lots of reasons why, but four just seems like the right number. Just one and their spoiled. Two and they either hate each other or never grow close. Besides it's so cliche. 3 leaves one in the middle and what if two gang up and the third is left out...Different wired. But 4...There are all kinds of bonds that can develop with four kids. And if one goes wrong...You still got three left. Someone will take care of you in your old age. Any more than four and you seriously need to reconsider you BC.
31. I secretly love to read vampire novels. Except for Anne Rice. Yuck.
32. I once dated a guy (dick- will use in place of name) who lived in the same building as Joey Macentyre.
33. When I was in high school my best friend and I started a club called BBCA. I believe we were the only members. I'll give five bucks to anyone who can get the acronym right.
34. I sat outside and cried in the grass when Gore lost the election in 2000.
35. I did not cry when I met President Clinton.
36. I still think despite the hatred that so many people have, that Hillary Clinton is one of my idols.
37. I've never dated a younger man.
38. Well one but it was by a month I believe. Don't think that counts. And he wasn't a dick he was an ass.
39. I think I loved the ass more than the dick. Oh that just sounds bad. Sorry Mom.
40. I once got so angry during a radio talk show that I had to pull off to the side of the road and calm down.
41. Nothin beats shots of tequila.
42. I don't like organized religion. I even say it like it's a cult...Or the mob. Organized Religion.
43. I'm going to go back to dancing again.
44. Feet gross me out.
45. I've never received flowers from a guy. And they should be delivered.
46. And Corsages don't count.
47. Faking the big O is not a bad thing.
48. Passion Parties are.
49. I once stayed up all night laughing at a joke about a vase and a vagina.
50. I've seen the Vagina Monologues three times.
51. I took a spontaneous trip to Canada with two friends during a snowstorm and we got a flat tire, visited the seriously freaky tire shop, slept in a dirty hotel room ate juan casino! Got lost and then to top it off almost into an accident when our car crossed the median and went into oncoming traffic. It all seems funny now. I can't tell the story with a straight face.
52. At one point I do believe I kissed every OU College Dem.
53. There was a time when I had more gay friends than straight. One friend would say I was a fag hag. :) I say it with love and respect.
54. I never drank in high school.
55. My parents have never met anyone I dated.
56. I don't own a cell phone. I think they are the devil.
57. I hate it when people tell you that you should do something after the fact. "I broke down" "Oh you should get AAA" "No shit Sherlock." "the show's sold out." "You should have reserved tickets online." "My computer crashed..." "You should have a firewall, spysweeper or antivirus protection!" Duh!!! Lets continue to state the obvious while making someone who is already having a shitty day look like an ass.
58. People who don't pick up their dog's poop should have to rot in a vat of the excrement for the exact amount of time those stupid turds sit in my lawn.
59. Oh I see why people suddenly get bitter around this point. Happy thoughts... I love simple food. Cereal. Hamburgers, lunchmeat sandwiches. Fries.
60. I can use chopsticks.
61. I can play chopsticks on the piano.
62. I think Josh Groban has the sexiest voice ever...and he's kind of dorky looking which is a turn on. I always go for the lovable dork.
63. I have three computers one with a bipolar floppy drive and a usb port that won't recognize media. One with a functioning floppy drive and one with a functioning usb drive. Makes it kind of IMPOSSIBLE to transfer any of the information to another computer.
64. I also have two printers and four ink cartridges but cannot print anything. Because both the original printer and the printer I got to replace the origional printer are broken. I greatly appreciate the fact they broke after telling me I needed new ink cartridges.
65. Every once in a while I see a baby or a pregnant woman and think oh I want one now. Then I wake up screaming.
66. Just kidding. The motherly urge comes and goes but I will know when the time is right.
67. I used to be deathly allergic to cats. I guess they were correct when they said I would grow out of it. I also took shots every week for years.
68. Might be why I don't like cats all that much. Kittens are cute. Cats are moody. Dogs are way more lovable.
69. Except for Baby clouded leopards. Now they are fun.
70. I do believe I was addicted to the words "You've got mail."
71. I used to drive a black mustang. An ex named it the bat mobile.
72. Sometimes my boss has senior moment and we have the same conversation twice in one day.
73. I love New York City.
74. My favorite shows are desperate Housewives, Grays Anatomy, West Wing, Sex and the City, and Will and Grace.
75. I love buying DVD sets of TV shows. It is the greatest thing ever. Mini marathons anytime your heart desires.
76. I've been at the computer for an hour. A highly effective way of avoiding my work.
77. I have kick ass friends. They are all completely different. Several of them don't like each other..Which makes dinner parties really fun!
78. Ok I lied my crush is not a crush at all. It's full fledged...Way past the crush phase and I am a complete and utter wuss about this guy.
79. I actually had a conversation about hemorrhaging with him. Can you believe it. That's what came out of my mouth. Have you seen the movie Hitch with the dating doctor who completely looses it every time he is around this woman...Well that's me. My brain stops functioning...I go into emergency mode and you never quite know what you are going to get.
80. It took me just under two years to get my diploma mailed to me. Imagine that Someone at the registrars messed up. What? No Way.
81. OSU. Oh I'm sorry Ohio state...No wait...That is Ohio state university. Nope gotta have the "the" first. AND it has to be capitalized because it is officially part of the name. Well THE Ohio State University can kiss my fat ass. Get off your freakin high horse. No other school does that. Being located in the middle of the Midwest doesn't make you special. One perfect season of football doesn't give you that right. Do you know Karen Holbrook that on the West Coast people think OSU is Oklahoma State University. Beat that.
82. It might just be me but I am going to guess that making babies is a lot more fun than having them.
83. I am about to throw away another 20,000 words of my novel. Whoopee.
84. Joseph Campbell Rocks. And don't lie to me and tell me you know who he is cause you don't. You just want to impress me.
85. About once a week I have a brilliant idea.
86. About half of those are as brilliant a week later.
87. Phone etiquette. When you call someone you have to initiate the hang up. It is rude if someone calls you and you suggest hanging up before they do. They might not be finished with what they have to say.
88. If you are really that busy. Don't answer your cell phone. That is why you have voice mail. If it is an emergency I will call you back three more times anyway. Then you might want to think about answering.
89. I flashed two classmates when I was in sixth grade...And yes I had boobs.
90. I was asked out by both guys simultaneously that same day.
91. My friend and I divided and conquered. She got the jock and I got the class clown.
92. I should have chosen the jock.
93. My parents started me in school early. They then decided to hold me back in first grade. Way to go mom.
94. I am a premie. I spent my first month in a hospital.
95. I am a total daddy's girl. Always have been, always will be.
96. I am not afraid to admit when a woman is hot.
97. I am not afraid to admit when a man is hot.
98. I am not afraid to be hot. ;)
99. I am incredibly bad with names, so much so that I will avoid calling people by name for fear that I will say the wrong one. Even if I am certain I know your name I still might avoid saying it.
100. Nothing compares to my first year at OU. The people, the parties, the culture, the learning. It was pretty amazing. the other years were good too. But there's something special about the first year.
101. Oh look a bonus. I often lie about my age, still .