Top Ten Tuesday!!! May 1st.

It's that time again. Sorry I missed a few of these last month. I hope to make up for it in May!

The theme this week is Top Ten Books You'd Like to See Made into a Movie.

Here are my picks. (This of course assumes that I have creative control of the casting, director and final edits!)

1. The Night Circus. I love this book and think it would make such a great movie.

2. The Historian. It's been a while since I read this, but it is such a subtle take on vampires that I think it would make a good addition to the film world.

3. The Chocolate Wars. Maybe it is because I just read this for class, and perhaps it has already been made into a movie that I have never seen nor heard of, but this is one of my favorite YA novels and I love the gritty mob feel it has.  With all the talks of bullying going on in the media, a remake could be timely.

4. The Absolutely True Tale of a Part-Time Indian. Another great YA book that I think would translate really well into a powerful family friendly film.

5. Beautiful Creatures. Everybody loves a curse. This book, set in the south had a beautiful backdrop and romantic gothic feel that would be fun to play with in a film.

6. Matched. One of my favorite Dystopian YA novels since the Hunger Games. Though book two leaves much to be desired. The first book is strong and would make for an entertaining story on film.

7. Ship Breaker. This is another Dystopian novel only it has a male protagonist and does no truly focus on a love story, though there is one involved. The premise and setting of this story is so unique that it would be fun to see this world brought to life. Basically, it's the US after being destroyed by oil.

8. City of Bones. I love Cassandra Clare and have been a fan of this series for a long, long time. I like to think of it as a happy medium between Harry Potter and Twilight. There is romance and love and sex in a way that could never be possible with HP, but it also has this thing called a plot and a beautifully complex magical world.

9. Speaking of Twilight. Yes. I would love to see these books done right. Although maybe that simply isn't possible. I just do not like the acting or the directing, or the special effects. The best thing about these movies is the soundtrack and even that is only a six.

10. Anything that I write.  I would love, love, love to see any of my work translated to film. I think it would be a fantastic indulgence.