No More Edits!

It's official. Love Sex Magick is complete. I've gone through four revisions and am finally pretty satisfied with the final product. Which means I am no longer allowing myself to make edits. Why? Because I have three other projects waiting for my attention that need revisions of their own! I'm very excited because I feel very confident about submitting this to agents and editors. I also love that I have a first draft of book two already complete. However I am going to take a break from editing the Chai books and focus on Salem's Triad Trilogy. I think I might be able to find a home for it, given the obsession with dystopian fiction right now and the number of credible E-publishers vying for fresh voices.  It's a completely different type of novel than the Chai books. But again, that could be a very good thing.

Oh and I got word that my SHU application is complete. All of the material has arrived and I should know by the end of April. Now if I could just do my taxes to make sure I can actually afford this!