Satan's BFF? The Reaper

The Reaper? Have you seen him? No he's not running around in black with a pitchfork or cane or whatever that stupid thing he carries around is. No this guy is a white suburban slacker and he works at the local home and garden store. Confused yet. Yeah, me too.

Imagine Chuck (a hilarious parody on the Best Buy's Geek Squad) and Dead Like Me (an old showtime series?) and you've got CW's Reaper. It has its funny moments. It has it's sick and twisted moments. I watched a couple of episodes and while just wasn't a must have. Maybe it needs more attractive men. :) I mean chuck is a total cutie and Clark Kent and Lex Luther certainly make up for Smallville's rather limited plot line. Maybe all this show needs is a smooth operator.

I don't know. If you've seen the show let me know what you think. It's a little too cheesy for my likes.