First Official Report of the Year

Well. This is my first report of the new year. I am happy to say my writing is moving along just fine. It isn't taking me nearly as long to edit my novel as I thought it would and it is kind of fun. Some of the stuff I don't even remember writing! I'm also playing around with screenplays. I know, that's crazy talk. But I've been reading up on it, looking at some opportunities and I think I want to try my hand at it. Just a little anyway, see if I have a knack for it.

Anyway, the new year has become my muse and life continues to inspire me every single day. So to offer you some inspiration here is something a little new. My weekly playlist. Most of these songs you can listen to online at the artists website. Or download it at iTunes for 99 cents. It's practically the only thing you can get for less than a dollar these days.

At first glance these songs might sound sappy or depressing. I challenge you to go deeper. I think they are all about HOPE.

Playlist #1: A New Year

Happy New Year!!!