Fun reads!

Well, they aren't my writings but they are good. Check out Hell's Notes by M.K. Hobson and Catalytic Poltergeist by Michelle R. Rasey. Buth fun stories that I love for different reasons. I hope you enjoy them.

On another note, I had a pretty good friday night. Me, a red ink pen and a bottle of wine. I put on a little music (the soundtrack to Something's Gotta Give) and went at it. Sad when you look at a pile of writing and think, God, I am going to need something stronger to get through this!!!

I did critiques for both my online and my face to face writing group...or at least I tried. I had to stop once I read a whole chapter and failed to notice that the point of view character had changed! I was a little confused and kept asking myself, why did he start calling himself Tait! I thought his name was Jimmy. Duh. I should apologize to the author, and maybe reread that piece sober. Next time my drug of choice will be caffine.

I'm off to tackle the manuscript...and then do some grocery shopping. A certain coworker has hijacked my favorite store and now I have to shop further away to avoid running into him. I'm such a dork.